Can Agriculture Save the Planet?

With the global population expected to reach more than nine billion in less than 30 years, the sustainable production of agriculture will be increasingly on the minds of governments, industry, and even many consumers. There is no activity that humankind engages in that has a bigger impact on the planet than agriculture. Not only do we have to increase the amount of food available, but we also have to find ways to minimize its footprint on the planet. Therefore, one of the great challenges that confront all of us in the next 30 years is how to maximize the production of food while minimizing the negative consequences of agriculture – from polluted waterways to disappearing rainforests. the choices people make about the food they eat at home and in restaurants will play a critical role. In a hot, flat, hyper-connected world, public perception of risk, not science, may ultimately determine if agriculture saves the planet by 2050 or destroys it. This presentation will examine global trends in food and agriculture, the interplay between science, consumer behavior, and public perception of risk, and how farmers, food companies, and food retailers build trust to navigate these trends.