Yvonne Lawley

Assistant Professor, Plant Science Department, University of Manitoba

Dr. Yvonne Lawley is an assistant professor in the Plant Science Department at the University of Manitoba. Her area of research is agronomy and cropping systems. Dr. Lawley was the team researcher leader for the Manitoba Corn Agronomy project from 2014-2018. This multidisciplinary project brought together a group of researchers from the University of Manitoba to take a comprehensive look at best management practices for corn production in Manitoba.

Dr. Lawley’s research has focused on several crops including soybeans, corn, and wheat and a range of management practices from residue management, strip tillage, to cover crops. Her research involves both small plot and on-farm field scale agronomy research. Dr. Lawley enjoys communicating the results of her research to a wide range of audiences including farmers, agronomists, scientist in a range of disciplines, and especially in the classrooms where she teaches at the University of Manitoba.