Randy Strychar


Randy Strychar is President of Oatinformation located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Randy has been involved in the global oat industry for over 40 years as a trader, marketing manager, broker, and market analyst for some of the largest grain companies and grower groups.
Randy’s extensive background, insights, and oat industry contacts provides Oatinformation clients a unique and in-depth perspective of what is driving their oat markets. The company focuses heavily on global oat market dynamics, and the impact they have on price, supply/demand, and trade.
Randy has made Oatinformation into the leading global provider of oat industry information, ranging from farm gate to consumers, and Governments around the globe. The company publishes a daily and weekly oat report keeping clients up to date on market moving information. In addition, the company is extensively involved in creating market development strategies for clients in the oat industry that are starting or growing their oat business.