Neil Townsend

FarmLink Marketing Solutions

With almost 20 years working in grain market advisory and analysis, Neil is a seasoned agricultural analyst. With expert knowledge of agricultural commodity trends, he is gifted at discerning market trends and analyzing their impact on grain prices in western Canada. 

Neil holds a Master of Science degree in Agricultural Economics and a Master of Laws degree. Before joining FarmLink in 2016, he held senior-level positions at the Canadian Wheat Board, Cargill, CWB 2, and G3. 

Neil manages a dedicated research team which forecasts market prices, trends, supply and demand, and provides sales recommendations for our advisory services and producers. He offers outlook and risk-management strategies for industry participants. He is a sought-after speaker, frequently contributing his perspective and market analysis to FarmLink clients and leaders in the agricultural industry. 

Neil’s experience and reputation in the agriculture industry speak volumes for the quality and dedication he brings to his work at FarmLink