Keith Loewen

Tile Drainage Contractor

Keith Loewen, is a tile drainage contractor who started his company out of Manitoba in 2000, after farming and working with surface drainage since 1980. He was 16 when he designed his first scraper. His passion for big machines, innovation, and experience in agriculture and engineering made tile drainage a fascinating frontier for him to explore. Living in the floodplains of the Red River Valley, water management has always been a priority and it was a natural fit.

Keith finished his advanced training through the University of Guelph, in 2001 and spent the first few years doing projects with a 3rd generation tile company receiving valuable education about the trade.

With his experience in water management Keith has been able to reclaim soil where there has been pipeline contamination, create more productive agricultural land, and plan strategic golf courses located in the mountains.

Keith’s favorite color of shirt is blue, semi trucks, yellow; and tractors, well he just prefers that they work!

Meeting Chris Koch, a man with no arms or legs, coming down a large grain bin on a farm yard in SK is one of the most unexpected and inspiring moments he has ever had.