Jorge M. Sánchez Lanzilotti

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) - Grupo Vida International

Jorge M. Sánchez Lanzilotti, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for Grupo Vida International, has been in this role for the past 8 years. Grupo Vida is the second largest oat miller in the world and has established itself as a national leader in the manufacturing of oats, granola, cookies, cereal bars and a range of food products. These products meet the characteristics of a healthy, functional, nutritional and enjoyable lifestyle and are sold in chain and wholesale stores as well as used in institutional, government and food service. Grupo Vida has over 1600 staff in numerous countries including Canada.

Mr. Sánchez Lanzilotti has held a variety of financial positions over his career and has been a key contributor to those companies’ successes. His expertise has been an instrumental contribution to Grupo Vida’s plant expansions in Mexico, Chile and Canada, where investments have been made to increase plant capacities and upgrade important technology. His active participation in the company is focussed on increasing profitability and growing the company’s operation.