Felipe Gómez Fajardo

President - Grupo Vida International

Felipe Gómez Fajardo, President Grupo Vida International, received his degree in public accounting from the University of Guadalajara and later received a Masters in Business Direction from CEDEM, the “Mexican business development center”. He also received his diploma in Social Training in the Social Union of Entrepreneurs of Mexico (USEM).
Mr. Fajardo has been President and founding partner of Grupo Vida Mexico since 1982, which currently includes major companies engaged in the manufacture and distribution of various lines of food products for human consumption in Mexico, Canada, Chile and Peru. Throughout his career, Grupo Vida has established itself as a national leader as a manufacture of oats, granola, cookies, cereal bars and a range of food products that meet the characteristics of healthy, functional, nutritional and enjoyable serving in the segments of chain stores, wholesale, institutional, government and food service. Grupo Vida is now the second largest oat processor in the world with over 1600 staff.