Doug Cattani

Department of Plant Science, University of Manitoba

Doug Cattani has been working on herbaceous perennial breeding and seed production since 1980, first as a summer research technician, then an MSc. Student, a field research technician, a research associate, a government specialist and as a researcher. Dr. Cattani is currently the perennial crop breeder at the University of Manitoba in the Department of Plant Science, has worked as a perennial grass breeder and seed production researcher in private industry in Oregon, USA and was the Forage Seed Production Specialist in Manitoba prior to joining the University in 2010.

His current research program focuses on breeding and agronomic practices required for herbaceous perennial seed production focusing on intermediate wheatgrass and perennial sunflower, with investigations into the potential for western Canada of other potential crops including perennial flax, perennial wheat and perennial cereal rye. His program is currently developing the first genetic linkage map for perennial sunflower (Helianthus maximilianii).

Dr. Cattani has published on breeding and seed production related subjects in numerous perennial grass seed crops including on seed production of intermediate wheatgrass, perennial wheat, timothy and creeping bentgrass production in Manitoba and was a co-author of a native grass seed production manual.