Promoting Canadian Malting Barley in International Markets

Canada’s barley breeders have developed a promising suite of new malting barley varieties such as CDC Bow, AAC Connect and CDC Fraser each with excellent agronomics and disease resistance. These new varieties are poised to succeed older, established varieties such as AC Metcalfe and CDC Copeland. They have very desirable malting and brewing characteristics, reinforcing Canada’s position as a supplier of premium quality barley and malt.  To facilitate the acceptance and adoption of these new varieties, the CMBTC conducts pilot malting and brewing trials and communicates results on quality and performance data to end-users, supplies samples to customers for internal evaluation, and facilitates commercial production trials with new varieties shipped in container to our export customers. The CMBTC also holds technical seminars for customers both here in Canada and on location in our export markets to promote the superior quality characteristics of Canadian malting barley and malt products for use in brewing.

Handouts – I will bring copies of the CMBTC 2022-23 malting barley recommended list.