People are Our Biggest Asset, My Journey to Realizing that We Needed to Change.

After tripling my greenhouse operation in 7 years it was easy to see that people were my biggest asset however I was too busy working IN the business and not ON the business to realize that! It was time for us to find the people that were talented, aligned and engaged so that we could trust and empower them. Our ongoing struggles included poor communication from top to bottom, low employee efficiencies, high turnover rates in both our management staff and seasonal labour, poor hires, low company morale, and no defined culture. My brother and I began the journey of accepting our weaknesses as owners, empowering our staff, and removing the roadblocks to trust our employees. Seeing firsthand how the small things done correctly will cause your team to enjoy where and how they work has been an eye opening experience for both of us. Our team is our biggest asset and realizing that as an owner will unlock the maximum potential of your business. I hope that my journey, and my lessons learned, may give you some ideas or suggestions about your farm business and how you might be able to create a culture of high performing employees who are truly passionate about being part of your company.

  1. It all started with me, myself, and I!
    • Commitment must start at the top before it trickles down, how do I get started?
  2. Imagine if a sports team didn’t know the goal, what’s the plan coach?
    • Mission, Vision, Values
  3. The Culture is the DNA of a farm business
    • Lead by example (trickle down effect)
  4. Great leaders always eat last!
    • How do we empower our teams to be successful
  5. How to turn your slow moving choo-choo train into a runaway freight train!
    • Policies, procedures, “5S Six Sigma”, meetings, and scheduling
  6. As a farm owner you are never done!
    • Continue to learn and focus on what is happening tomorrow, next week, and next year. Living in the present will stall your business’ potential