Oat Market Outlook

Steadily rising and expanding global demand for oat related food products is driving mill demand for oats to record highs. This is coinciding with declining oat feed demand creating an increased focused on price dynamics and supply/demand for growers, oat millers and food processors.

Oat industry participants are involved in a rapidly shifting and dynamic industry. Understanding the factors impacting this will be critical to their operations and ability to compete. My presentation will focus on:

  1. How do oats compete in an increasingly integrated and expanding global cereals and oilseed market?
  2. Oat price risk management in the face of a failing CBOT oat contract, what are the options?
  3. Trade patterns and the impact on oat production.
  4. Increasing demand for oat related food products, particularly Asia and the Indian Sub-Continent, and how does the oat industry meet this demand.