Next Gen Winter Wheat – Feeding the potential

Historically, winter wheat was a strong option for Manitoba farmers to consider as it provided the opportunity to spread work load and good returns relative to spring wheat. Winter wheat seeded acres peaked in 2013-14 but have been on a decline since. Challenging harvests or dry seed bed conditions and the adoption of straight cut canola varieties have impacted the timing of fall seeding operations. However, the biggest factor impacting management decisions has been the introduction of high yielding spring wheats. The historic yield advantage, and economic advantage, of winter wheat no longer existed… until now.

The new winter wheat varieties released have once again raised the bar in yield potential and the opportunity for the grower. But to achieve that potential, balanced crop nutrition is essential. Edgar’s presentation, “Next Gen Winter Wheat – feeding the potential” discusses crop nutrition considerations for winter wheat and winter cereals generally. The genetics are there for amazing winter wheat yields, now we need to feed that potential.