Marketing Under Conditions of Heightened Uncertainty

FarmLink’s Chief Market Analyst, Neil Townsend, will discuss the current market conditions under volatility and heightened uncertainty. 

His presentation will look at the current market outlook, focusing on corn and soybeans. The presentation will answer the questions: What are the current price expectations? What can farmers expect this growing season? How is inflation impacting farmers? What is the current moisture situation in Western Canada and Manitoba? 

He will also touch on international issues. He will offer a better read of what is currently happening in South America and how that impacts corn and soybeans.

He will also discuss what is happening in China and offer opinions based on their behaviors.  

He will also discuss the biofuel and ethanol policy in the U.S and other countries. Will it increase or decrease via mandate? This could increase demand for corn/oilseeds. 

He will end his presentation with a question/answer period.