Integrated Weed Management in Flax

My goal through this talk is to demonstrate the necessity of diversity in production systems. Our research with flax will be an example of how the competitiveness and overall productivity of a crop can be improved through adjusting various agronomic practices. Through this presentation I hope to address the overall objectives of the AIP flax project and establish the following:

  • Establish why we need more herbicide options in flax, present new potential herbicide options for use in flax, offer suggestions on how to delay the evolution of herbicide resistant weeds
  • Briefly discuss the various methodologies that relate to effective weed management and why we need to change our mindset on how we both view and manage weeds
  • Report some best management practices (BMPs) to optimize flax competitiveness with weeds
  • Report some BMPs to improve flax yields
  • Discuss the differences between maximum crop yield and maintaining efficiency in weed management
  • Provide examples of how to integrate these BMPs efficiently and effectively in both flax and other field crops
  • Highlight the importance and the need for diversity in current production systems; it goes beyond just weed management

It is my hopes that producers will be able to take these examples and adapt them to multiple crop types on their farms, as well as give new consideration to minor crops such as flax.