Scott Kehler

President and Chief Scientist, Weatherlogics Inc.

Scott is the President and Chief Scientist of Weatherlogics. He received his Bachelor’s of Science from the University of Manitoba, where he completed the Honours program in atmospheric science. His Honours thesis presented results from high-resolution model simulations of lake breezes in Manitoba and their relation to our weather. Following the completion of his Bachelor’s degree, Scott undertook master’s studies at the U of M, focused on researching nocturnal thunderstorms. His research was based on data collected during the Plains Elevated Convection at Night (PECAN) field campaign based in Hays, KS in 2015. Scott successfully defended his Master’s Thesis, which contributed to improved understanding of why thunderstorms form at night. His research and collaborations have appeared in atmospheric journals such as Atmosphere-Ocean and Boundary-Layer Meteorology.

In his current role as Chief Scientist at Weatherlogics, Scott conducts meteorological research to assist clients. His work mainly focuses on new methods to improve weather prediction and studies of past hail events. Despite his research focus, Scott still enjoys forecasting day-to-day weather and is often involved with preparing forecasts for high-impact events.