Scott Chalmers

MB Agriculture – Westman Agricultural Diversification Organization (WADO)

Scott grew up on a small mixed farm operation near Carroll, MB. Scott completed his B.Sc. (Honours) degree at Brandon University in 2004 majoring in Botany and minoring in advanced courses of organic and biochemistry. He completed his final thesis there on the potential genetic marker detection in frost tolerant wild dry bean species. In 2004, he continued to work at university on breeding hybrids of wild and cultivated chickpea species. During his education and after Scott continued to work at AAFC in Brandon, MB. Here he worked for three years as a summer student for the pathology crew headed by Dr. Debbie McLaren. Scott managed the non-profit South East Research Farm, located near Redvers, Saskatchewan, for three consecutive years until spring of 2007. There he conducted producer driven applied crop research.

Scott Chalmers P.Ag., Diversification Specialist, has been working for MB Agriculture for over 10 years. He has been managing the non-profit applied crop research group Westman Agricultural Diversification Organization (WADO) in Melita. Aside from public variety trials, and general agronomy trials in all crops types, Scott enjoys researching cropping systems the most including intercropping. Scott has been researching the merits of intercrops since 2009 when he first did an experiment with peas and canola at various seeding rates. Since then, Scott has research many successful crop combinations and systems of intercrops, relay crops and companion crops. WADO collaborates with educational institutions such as the U of M, industry, and local farmers.

Scott resides in Reston, MB with his wife Tanis and has two kids. Scott takes an interest in all grain beer brewing, cider and wine making, holistic no till gardening, aquaculture, and sustainable greenhouse systems.