Ron Van Marrewyk

Westcoast Vegetables Ltd

Westcoast Vegetables Ltd. is owned and operated by Ray and Ron Van Marrewyk. We are the 4th generation of Greenhouse growers in our family. 2 generations were in the Netherlands and we are the 2nd generation in Canada. Our family started in Pitt Meadows, BC with a very small greenhouse back in 1969. Between 1970 and 1999 our parents expanded in small increments during that time. In 1999, our parents founded Westcoast Vegetables Ltd. in Delta, BC by building its most significant greenhouse to date which was 18.4 acres and that greenhouse continues to produce long English cucumbers. In 2006 Ray and Ron took over ownership of Westcoast Vegetables Ltd. and began to build another 17.6 acre greenhouse producing Sweet Bell Peppers. In 2014 another 18.5 acres of greenhouses was built and production started in March of 2015. In the future, Westcoast Vegetables Ltd. has the space to build another 18.5 acres which would bring the total and final area to 73 acres on 2 properties.

After completing a Horticultural Degree from the University of Guelph in 2004, Ron returned to the greenhouse in Delta, BC to become the head grower in the long English cucumbers. In 2015 Ron moved from being the head grower to the role as COO. Ron’s desire to focus on the success of his managers and their teams has given his team the trust and power that they all needed. Since the beginning of 2015 Ron has completed leadership training with Michelle Painchaud of PPG HR Consulting, 5S Six Sigma training through LTS Consulting and attended the TEPAP Unit 1 Course in Austin, Texas. The tools that Ron has been able to acquire through all these amazing agricultural leaders has truly allowed Westcoast Vegetables Ltd. to become an employer of choice in the greenhouse industry.