Dr. Terry Griffin

Kansas State University

Dr. Terry Griffin is the Cropping Systems Economist at Kansas State University. Terry has been evaluating geospatial technology impacts on farm management decisions since the mid-1990s. His Ph.D. research at Purdue University evaluated spatial statistical techniques to analyze yield monitor and other data from precision ag tools. In addition to academic faculty positions at University of Illinois, University of Arkansas, and most recently Kansas State University, Griffin’s private sector experience influences a substantial portion of his research and Extension program. His work on precision agriculture has evolved into big data implications for agriculturalists. Current research interests include profitability of precision agriculture technologies, spatial statistical analysis of site-specific data, and decision making tools from community data analysis. Outreach efforts include how farmers, landowners, and others in the agricultural sector can make the most of opportunities arising from big data.

He has authored 1 patent on spatial analysis of yield monitor data, 3 book chapters on economics of precision ag, and dozens of journal articles. He has delivered hundreds of presentations across North America and Australia. For his efforts in precision ag and farm data utilization, Griffin has received the 2014 Pierre C. Robert International Precision Agriculture Young Scientist Award, the 2012 Conservation Systems Precision Ag Researcher of the Year, and the 2010 PrecisionAg Award of Excellence for Researchers.