Caley Gasch

North Dakota State University

Caley Gasch is an Assistant Professor of Soil Health at North Dakota State University. She joined the NDSU Soil Science group in August of 2016, and she teaches and conducts research on soil ecology and conservation. She holds an MS in Agronomy and a PhD in Ecology, both earned at the University of Wyoming. While in Wyoming, she studied the recovery of rangeland soil and plant communities following coal and natural gas extraction and plant species invasion. Prior to moving to NDSU, she studied soil water dynamics on dryland farms in the Palouse region of Washington and Idaho. Her current research spans North Dakota and includes managing soil salinity, reducing soil erosion, improving soil health, and understanding rangeland soil ecology. The common theme in Caley’s research is to understand how soils respond to management practices and how we can protect, promote, and maintain productive, healthy soils.