Albert Tenuta

Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

Albert is Mario’s older and wiser brother ☺ Albert has been the Field Crop Extension Plant Pathologist for the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) based in Ridgetown, Ontario since 1991. His academic training is in Plant Pathology from the University of Toronto and his responsibilities with OMAFRA include the development of innovative information and resource materials for educating and training producers, agri-business, students, extension personnel, and other specialists on field crop diseases and nematodes. In addition, Albert has provided leadership not only in Ontario but other provinces and the U.S. in coordinating and organizing field research tests, demonstrations, and development of practical disease and nematode management applications for the North American field crop industry.

Albert’s contribution to extension, communication and field crop applied research has been recognized in Ontario (Ontario Agricultural College) – “T.R Hillard Distinguished Extension Award” (1999), Canada (inaugural recipient Canadian Phytopathological Society) –“Achievements in Plant Disease Management (Extension) Award” (2003), North America (American Phytopathological Society North Central Division) – “Distinguished Service Award” (2013), (Agronomy Society of America) Extension Education Community Education Materials Award “Crop Protection Network Series” (2015) as well as internationally with the “International IPM Award of Excellence” – Team award for soybean rust-pest information platform for Extension and education (PIPE) in 2012.